Welcome to the Svaha Spirit Lodge 

Spirits, speak to us of our medicine. And they did!

Svaha Spirit Lodge, you are a people of the Long Dance, a people of the medicine wheel, a people of the four directions, the four seasons, the four elements.

You are a people of the Sweat Lodge, a people of the drum, journey, and song.

You are a Bear people, a Salmon people, a Wolf people.

You are a ritual people, a ceremonial people.

You are for the healing of yourselves, the healing of each other, the healing of the world, and All Your Relations.

You are a male and female people, a family people.

                 And we respond -  We know these things deep in our bones:

We know that the Great Spirit/Great Mystery exists in all things.

We know all things to be alive and filled with spirit and that we can communicate with that Spirit, as it can with us.

We know it is our medicine to restore and maintain balance for the Earth, for ourselves, and for All Our Relations by working with the Spirit World. We do this though shamanic journeying, prayer, dance, song, and ceremony.

We know all beings to be interconnected in the sacred web of life. What affects one, affects all others. Therefore, we treat all life with respect and love.

We know all people and beings have their own unique medicine power, or gift, to contribute to the sacred Hoop of life. We seek to empower each person and to honor the medicine of all.

Finally, we know that by creating expressions of ourselves as storied, ceremonial, shamanic people rooted deeply in the Earth, that we strengthen the flow of life blood throughout the planet and between the Spirit and material worlds. Healing pours forth from our becoming more truly who we are.